evefit Nutrition

It’s essential to REFUEL & RECOVER within 30 minutes of your workout. Your body is in the fat burning zone, so refueling quickly will boost your metabolism!
The importance of refueling quickly is precisely why EveFit has created the HEALTHIEST PROTEIN SHAKE!
In our lounge area, you’ll find our EveCare Protein Shake Bar. Choose from Plant (Vegan) or Whey protein and from fruity, veggie, peanut buttery or sweet options. Our protein shakes are low carb, low sugar meal replacements that will keep your metabolism boosted! The PERFECT way to REFUEL after a workout!

If you'd like more Nutritional Guidance, then the 6 Week Transformation Challenge is exactly what you're looking for! It combines Fitness and Nutritional accountability for MAXIMUM RESULTS! Meal plans, grocery shopping lists and weekly nutrition meetings are all included! Call 708.487.6515 for details on our next Challenge start day!

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