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At EveFit, we know Women. And we know that a Woman’s weight can fluctuate day by day and even week by week. Hormonal changes, dietary changes and even sleep patterns make weight an unreliable measure of your true health. 
That’s why you’ll never find a scale at EveFit. Not even one. Instead, we rely on cutting edge technology to measure your health and fitness. Look beyond the scale and take advantage of EveFit's technology to reach your fitness goals. 

The InBody Scan.

EveFit is proud to offer one of the most exciting innovations in health and fitness technology – the InBody Scan.
The InBody Scan offers a TOTAL Body Composition Analysis. It’s proven that weight isn’t the only indicator of true health. There are so many other factors that determine your overall health and fitness levels – the InBody Scan measures those factors.
Every 6 to 8 weeks, your EveFit team will use the InBody Scan to:
• Learn your body fat percentage – our trained staff will guide you through what that number means for your health.• Measure your water weight and lean muscle mass.• Help you set personalized health and fitness goals, based on your InBody Scan Analysis.• Motivate you to continue to work out and eat well.• Optimize your accountability – and your results!
Your InBody Scan gives a thorough and accurate measure of:
• Total Body Fat• Lean Muscle Mass• Visceral Fat• Water Weight• Basal Metabolic Rate• Steps you can take to meet your customized goals

The Heart Rate Monitor.

Heart rate training utilizes cutting edge technology to monitor your heart rate while you workout. Why is this important? You can track your fitness progress by how conditioned your heart gets week over week. As you become more conditioned, it's time to step it up a notch to shock your body-This is how you continually see results and avoid hitting weight loss plateaus. Don't worry, this is all explained during your first visit! But, it's great to know that your heart rate monitor will:
• Track your caloric burn• Measure your heart rate zones• Reduce your risk of injury
After each instructor-led class, you're emailed a workout summary – a complete analysis of your caloric burn and the time you spent in each zone.

What’s in an EveFit Class?

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For twenty minutes, your trained instructor will guide you through the use of our treadmills, water rowers and Adaptive Motion Trainers. Each offers unique benefits to your health and workout. Treadmills burn calories and improve your cardiovascular health, while rowers provide a low-impact aerobic activity which burns fat as it builds muscle.

As you work out at EveFit, you’ll strengthen your core, toning your abdominal muscles and burning belly fat. The result? A sculpted, more muscular midsection.

You’ll also love our Adaptive Motion Trainers. AMTs combine the benefits of stair stepping and elliptical exercise all in one. No matter your level of fitness, the Adaptive Motion Trainer is a safe, effective way to improve your cardiovascular health, burn calories, and achieve your fitness goals.

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We’re proud of our FreeMotion Functional Training Machines. Using these machines, you’ll strengthen the muscles you use in everyday activities, all while keeping your heart rate elevated.
Using an adjustable pulley system, the FreeMotion Functional Training Machines mimic motions you make every day while providing a complete total body workout. The result is a strengthening of the muscles you most commonly use… and it’s safe for all fitness levels!

In addition to the FreeMotion Funtional Training Machines, our member also use:
• Kettlebells
• Free weights
• Weighted medicine balls
• Step benches

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In our EveMoves class, our instructors will lead you through 20 minutes of yoga. Combining Hatha and Vinyasa style yoga, you will:
• Meditate, centering both your body and your mind
• Stretch your warm muscles, leading to a lean, toned look
• Match postures to breath, improving your circulation
• Increase your flexibility to protect you from injury
• Boost your metabolism
• Alleviate stress

As you flow from one pose to another, you’ll conclude your workout in a relaxed way, leaving you feeling grounded and energized.