The evefit Workout


EveFit isn’t just a workout. It’s an experience. We utilize state of the art programming and equipment to give you The BEST WORKOUT FOR ALL WOMEN!
Your EveFit Coach will guide you the entire time providing any modifications needed. She will start with leading you through a dynamic warm-up, then work with you for 10 minutes as you strengthen your heart and lungs on the Cardio equipment.
Next, she’ll guide you through 20 minutes of strengthening your muscles on state of the art functional training cable machines. You'll also use water rowers, free weights and kettlebells to build your muscular strength and endurance.
Before Yoga, you'll do an all-out Cardio Tabata Blast. This will raise your heart rate to burn major calories. It's also a great way to tone and build lean muscle.
You’ll end the class stretching your muscles for 20 minutes of Yoga. This builds a toned, lean look. The result? Results. The EveFit program is a thorough workout that targets each of your muscle groups.
The EveFit Workout is based on a concept called interval heart rate training. As you work out, you’ll wear a heart rate monitor, which tracks your effort as you exercise. It monitors your heart rate zones and calories burned in EVERY CLASS!

The Interval Heart Rate Training Zones

There are five zones in interval heart rate training. During class your heart rate is monitored on our TV screens.Zone 1 – 50-60% of your Max Heart Rate. Your heart rate will show you’re in the BLUE ZONE.Zone 2 - 60-70% of your Max Heart Rate. Your heart rate will show you're in the GREEN ZONE.Zone 3 – 70-80% of your Max Heart Rate. Your heart rate will show you're in the YELLOW ZONE.Zone 4 – 80-90% of your Max Heart Rate. You’re going to feel it in your body and even in your breathing. Burning 12-16 calories/minute-We want you in this Zone! Your heart rate will show you're in the ORANGE ZONE.Zone 5 – 90-100% of your Max Heart Rate. You've hit the "vigorously exercising" zone. You're burning 17-20 calories/minute. Don't worry, your heart isn't going to explode in this Zone. Your heart rate will show you're in the RED ZONE.
EveFit Coaches work with you as you exercise, checking on you and your heart rate to ensure you're receiving a safe and effective workout!

The Interval Heart Rate Training Difference

The EveFit workout was designed to maximize the results you receive from interval heart rate training. Your workout will alternate between high and low intensity exercise, to ensure you get the most from your workout!
Interval heart rate training has a ton of benefits, including:It’s efficient! You’ll get the maximum benefit from your workout in just an hour. It’s a great way to build endurance! The more you workout, you’ll notice you can push harder, for longer. That’s because your heart and your body are getting stronger. It boosts your metabolism! Your body will be burning fat up to 36 hours after you workout!It’s safer! Wearing your heart rate monitor while you exercise ensures that you stay in a safe zone. You’re less likely to suffer injury and you’ll keep your heart healthy.