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6-week Transformation Challenge


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 Receive your FREE Body Composition Analysis. Work with EveFit Coaches to set a challenging - but attainable - goal. Our On-Site Weight Loss Specialist will develop your meal plan and grocery shopping list.  

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 Work out 3+ times a week. Follow your meal plan .  Attend the weekly check-ins with our Weight Loss Specialist to go over your progress.

See Results

 REACH YOUR GOAL! See your body drop the pounds and inches. Celebrate your results and enjoy a healthier YOU!

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Our Signature Class ends with 20 minutes of Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga. You will:• Stretch your warm muscles to build a lean and toned look• Match breath to pose, improving your circulation• Increase your flexibility and core stability• Boost your metabolism• Alleviate stress, aches and pains
You peacefully flow from one pose to another, concluding your workout feeling relaxed, grounded and energized.

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